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College can (and will) be crappy and we're here to help you sort through to the crap and get ready for college.

This is a real time blog that will show our trials and tribulations through our first year at college, as well as tips and tricks to help you survive.

Just wanted to wish you all a wonderful thanksgiving. May your bellies be filled with epic food, and stay warm if you are anywhere but Florida. <3

Just wanted to wish you all a wonderful thanksgiving. May your bellies be filled with epic food, and stay warm if you are anywhere but Florida. <3

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Happy Halloween!

Just wish all of our wonderful followers a happy halloween. I would have said it earlier today but I’ve been at school/work all day :p I’m going to register for next semester either this week or next week. Can’t wait for winter break! (even though it’s a few months away)

I’m headed off to sleep (8 a.m. algebra) That’s all Folks!

xo Lizzy

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So I know I’m not old enough to realize it yet, but the more I think about it (which I have been lately) High School definitely was not my “good years.” In fact they were probably the crappiest years of my life. I have friends who have yet to graduate from the public school system, and the more they talk about how school is going for them the more I realize I don’t miss any of it. Not that community college isn’t all it’s cracked up to be (although I do enjoy it). But high school sucks, and once you get past that part of your life, things don’t get easier but you (at least I certainly do) feel more free and independent and my mood isn’t as heavy as it once was. I really think I’m better off now, even though things don’t come free anymore, I really think I’m better off.

xo Lizzy

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An old inside joke between Katie and me helped me figure out a topic for my controversy paper.

The inside joke is really odd, hard to explain, and one of those you had to be there moments. But long story short, my teacher mentioned m&m segregation (she wants the peanut, regular, almond, etc. all in one bag) and then someone mentioned skittles, so now I’m writing about euthanasia.

I love you Katie, and our plethora of inside jokes.

xo Lizzy

P.S. I agree with my teacher, “Down with M&M segregation!”

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I learned we have an alligator in the lake that I sit next to (and sometimes even on the dock). I never saw him, but one of our libraians (who has the coolest name of all time!) told me about him today. So now I’m trying to think of cool names for the gator :p

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You want me to give a peer review of your writing? Here it is!

In my honest opinion I was stunned and amazed by your paper, and by the other papers I have had to review by my other college classmates. Yes, I was absolutely amazed at how you could have graduated from the 5th grade with those writing skills of yours. I don’t know how you guys do it! I think that I’ll get lucky and get a good paper to review, and I get handed an essay that starts with a quote (which is usually a no no, especially if the quote is ‘A wise man once said ‘Irreducible Complexity is a legit theory.”), or has wtf written in somewhere. Or my personal favorite! The essay with excessive use of the word “ass” for example “big ass house” “small ass town” “dumb ass essay”

And then it makes me wonder if everyone in the class write that way, and if they do then they must think the shit paper they’re reviewing is actually good. Which is blasphemy as far as I am concerned! These people have little grammatical skills, and are bountiful where ever I look.

COLLEGE TIP: If you are going to take college level classes, please learn to write college level essays.

xo Lizzy

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I’ve been slacking on keeping you guys updated on University life.

One word can sum it up: school.

I mean, that’s what college is, school. You tend to overlook that when you think of dorms and parties and ultimately the future, you tend to forget that classes exist at 9 in the morning, and that you live with a bunch of people your own age who aren’t like you. And you forget that senioritis never went away, it just went dormant.

Yeah, that’s right, you still have senioritis in college, except in college it’s called procrastination and laziness. And, trust me, that’s not something you want.

<3 Katie

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I hate giving speeches!! >:P

I understand i am the one who signed myself up for a speech class, but it is a requirement for my A.A. and it’s supposed to be easy to get it out of the way. Now I have done plays, I was in chorus for many years, I don’t have a stage fright problem…as long as I’m not speaking my own words. I get self conscious about what I write and then get nervous reading it aloud in front of everyone. And it wouldn’t be so bad if I was allowed to improv some of it, I am great at improv! But I have to speak what I wrote down word for word.

Oh and my first day at work was yesterday, and I worked again today. I think I’ll enjoy working at this store, everyone’s pretty cool (I have yet to handle a customer yet though, I get to do that saturday and I’m a bit nervous so wish me luck).

xo Lizzy

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i have a pysch midterm today :p

I know I should have studied more, but i think i’ll do well on this one. wish me luck anyways :]

xo Lizzy

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